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January 2017 — The Nasir Group is looking to gain significant synergies by obtaining the highly coveted General Services Administration’s Schedule 00 CORP and Schedule 56.  TNG’s CEO is quoted as saying “With access to these (Schedule 00 CORP & 56 respectively) GSA schedules, TNG will be able to sustain its growth in the federal marketplace for the next several decades “.

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March 2015 — TNG recent received an award from the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Epidemiology to assist them with building and developing web-based training modules.  “We are extremely excited to win this piece of business and demonstrate our capabilities in developing and deploying high quality web-based training” Said CEO Tarik Nasir, when asked about this recent award.

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December 2016 — The Nasir Group opens its second satellite office in Baltimore, Maryland.  TNG is one of many organizations migrating to the Baltimore area to identify a source of untapped talent.

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September 2014 — The Nasir Group wins a two year contract with US Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service to perform Risk and Advisory Service.

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March 2015 — The Nasir Group is in the process of creating the Richmond Energy and Power Cooperative Joint Venture with Virginia based colleges and universities, a major manufacturer, and several small business.  This cooperative will be primarily focused on R&D and manufacturing innovations in the areas of renewable energy and clean fuel.

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January 2017 – The Nasir Group has decided to apply for the SBA HUBZone certification.  This strategic initiative allows TNG to segment its professional staff to better align with its professional services offering while increasing its competitive posture in the Federal marketplace.  By obtaining the SBA HUBZone designation, TNG is projecting that its corporation will see significant growth in both employees and in revenues.